Regeneration-Energy for children from 0 to 4 years

Surely you know these situations:

- your child is crying because of stomach ache

- the coughing is disturbing and it can not fall


- it finds it difficult to close his eyes and relax, 

  because life is so interesting.

You would like to help your child, so that it can relax or fall asleep. In the workshop, we'll show you a simple and effective technique for helping your child in these situations.

That's waiting for you in the workshop:

-you experience the effect of the regeneration energy on your own body

-you learn how and where you can apply the simple technique to your child

Please note that the workshop will take place without children

You will be able to experience the energy for yourself and practice on models.


This is how you can apply what you have learned:

-We'll show you how to treat your child while carrying it on your arms and walking around 

-you learn to use the simple technique when you are sitting and your child is in your arms

-you will know afterwards how to treat your child when it's in bed.

The background of the Regernation - Energy Technique:

The energy is stored in the crystals (hydroxyapatite) of every human bone structure.


With a simple touch, you set that life energy in motion so it can regenerate that place in the body that needs it.

It calms and relaxes the body.


You also will receive:

 - A script in card form

- The knowledge and experience from Lucy and Therese of over 20 years working with this technique

- Drinks and snacks during the workshop

Information about next workshop:

Where: Athens Greece


Registration:  Anna


We look forward to parents, grandparents, midwives, playgroup leaders, nursery leaders and just everyone who is always in touch with children!

Workshop leaders: Therese and Lucy from Switzerland

We`re happy to meeting you!